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Julia Marlowe was born as Sarah Frances Frost at Marlowe Cottage to clog and shoemaker John Frost and Sarah Hodgson. In 1870 When she was four her family emigrated to the United States. They first settled in Kansas and then moved east to Portsmouth, Ohio and then on to Cincinnati. At the age of 11 she tored the Midwest in a juvenile production of HMS Pinafore by Gilbert & Sullivan.

Marlowe studied Shakespeare closely as a young woman, forming her own ideas about how the lines should be read. After several successful years as an actress, she found her greatest fame when acting with E.H. Sothern, whom she later married.

She made her Broadway debut in 1895 and went on to appear in more than seventy Broadway productions. With the money from her first Broadway success, she bought the townhouse known as River Mansion at 337 Riverside Drive. Her first husband was Broadway actor Robert Taber.

In 1904 she began a succesful partnership with actor E. H. Sothern, beginning with their appearances in the title roles in Romeo and Juliet, Beatrice and Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing, and the leads in Hamlet. They toured all over the United States in these plays, adding The Taming of the Shrew, The Merchant of Venice and Twelfth Night to their repertoire in 1905. Unhappy with their compensation from their manager, Charles Frohman, they continued under the management of the Shubert Brothers, from then on she received a percentage of the profits. In 1906, again with Sothern, she played the title character in Percy MacKaye's Jeanne d'Arc, Salome in Sudermann's John the Baptist and Rautendelein in The Sunken Bell, receiving favorable reviews. By this time, Marlowe and Sothern were known as the premier Shakespearean actors of their day.

Julia Marlowe died in 1950 in New York City at the age of 85. She had no children.

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